• Site Feasibility Analysis

  • Project/Permitting Timeline Preparation

  • Environmental Site Analysis

  • Impact Fee Analysis

  • Zoning/Land Use Research

  • Preliminary Agency Meetings

  • Tenant Meetings

  • Project Proforma Preparation

  • Project “Quarterbacking” including engaging all necessary consultants such as:

  •    Land Surveyor

  •    Geotechnical Engineer

  •    Environmentalist

  •    Traffic Engineer

  •    Land Planner

  •    Civil Engineer

  •    Landscape Architect

  •    Project Architect

  •    General Contractor

  • Prepare Bi-Monthly project status report indentifying key issues, key project deliverable dates, etc.

  • Attend all project meetings with governmental agencies, consultants and client

  • Ensure overall project schedule is upheld

  • Identify all permitting “issues/hurdles” to client along with solutions/options for resolving

  • Obtain all indentified project permits necessary for project to go to construction phase

With a combined 55 years of experience, GMM Consulting has been involved in hundreds of projects.
We know that the bottom line is overall project cost.  GMM will analyze construction documents throughout a
project and offer “value” alternatives to our clients.  GMM will also work with the clients consultants to insure
the best “valued’ design is in place

  • Identify qualified General Contractors for clients review

  • Preparation of bid package for distribution to general contractors, site contractors and landscape

  • Analyze/Qualify received bids and prepare bid analysis/matrix

  • Submit/Review bid analysis to client with recommendation

  • Provide market data to client including:

  •    Demographics

  •    Traffic Counts

  •    Property Appraisals

  •    Indentify Trade Areas

  • Award construction contract to selected contractor(s)

  • Hold Pre-Construction meeting with design team, contractor(s), governmental agencies and client

  • Monitor/ensure construction schedule is upheld

  • Review/Analyze/Approve Payment Application requests

  • Review/Analyze and change order requests

  • Coordinate necessary permit close outs/certifications through government agencies

  • Ensure Certificate of Occupancy is obtained and client/tenant occupancy date is met

  • Work with different consulting firms and solicit work by:

  •    Meeting with developers and tenants to “sell” consulting firm

  •    Attend trade shows (ICSC, NAIOP, etc.) representing consultant

  •    Attend “leads” meetings with other consultants sharing project opportunities

  • Meet with developers and/or tenants to understand site criteria / trade area desired

  • Analyze trade areas and identify potential sites

  • Provide market analysis to further insure site meets clients overall needs

  • Meet with landowners to discuss possible purchase / cost

  • Prepare / present letter of intent to landowners on behalf of client

  • We all know that if we do not stay on top of your permit applications they will sit on someone’s desk until    
       the reviewer is required to provide comments. With a combined 55 years of experience, GMM Consulting  
       will oversee your permits and assure they are being reviewed in an “expedited” fashion. GMM provides
       expediting services including:

  •    Completing Permit Applications

  •    Assemble Permit Packages

  •    Advance Permit Fees for Client

  •    Deliver/Submit Permit Packages

  •    Continued Follow Up with Permit Reviewers

  •    Ensure “expedited” review and permit issuance

  •    Property Management

  •    Property Accounting

  •    Accounts Receivable and Collections

  •    Renovations and Remodeling

  •    Lease and Term Renegotiations

  •    Security

  •    Maintenance

  •    Tax Appeals
GMM Consulting, LLC is a full service consulting firm offering the following services:
  • LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building
       project meets the highest green building and performance measures.